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Website Design and Development Service in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

From consulting and strategy to design and content writing, Alpha can do it all!

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We are able to complete from personal to enterprise website redesign on time and under budget.

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Providing Graphic Design and Video Editing for your occasions with a reasonable price. Work closely with us

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knowledge and experience managing and supporting IT services
  • Website Design and Development
  • eCommerce Platform Design and Development
  • Online Store Platform Design and Development
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Software and Customer Portal
  • Network Consulting and Installation


Providing you with the right IT support for your business.

We are designing eCommerce and Online Store Platforms Using Amharic & English languages. Digitalize Your Shop, with Our Offer of 25% DISCOUNT.


Web Design

With over one billion websites live from around the globe, competition for attention has never been greater. People aren’t just going to come to your website if there is no strategy and optimization behind your website.

Web Development

We are able to build a website that your customers, prospects, and targets love. We launch your website faster typically in under 6 weeks, depending on the size of the site. We can help you about hosting and handling your websites backend.

Software Development

We provides a number of value added software solutions designed to address an organization’s unique needs. Alpha IT Solution aims to provide a simple, intutive and user friendly environment that makes user to master it easily.

Responsive Design

The advent of modern technology has led to the development of devices that are increasingly more compact and mobile. Our responsive design ensures the integrity of your website to run smoothly on Computers and phones.

Graphic Design

If you need Graphic design and Video editing services, that's right we are the right spot. We have Guru's that can change your caterpillar into a Butterfly. For Weeding, Birthday, Party or any event. We reinvent your motion pictures.

Marketing Services

We help you to Attract visitors to your website using Blog, Social Media, SEO, High Value Content and Advertising. Then Convert visitors into leads, Leads into customers and Finally Create brand promoters.











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Website Development Company in Ethiopia. Top Web Design Company Ethiopia. Best Web Design Company Ethiopia

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Professional Services, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Operation & Maintenance Services, Security Awareness, Managed Services, Consulting.
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Biological Warfare

The human race faced a SINGULAR enemy. It could have been MUCH worse — we’ll be prepared for next time.

This blog outlines the reasons I’m hopeful, even optimistic, as well as 3 things entrepreneurs should be focused on *right now.* First, let me acknowledge the difficulty and pain so many are facing during this pandemic. Unemployment and bankruptcies will reach uncharted record highs

AI and Robotics

Learning from China : High-Tech Strategies for Pandemic Containment

We’re now entering a critical week in the global pandemic, and the speed of our response is vital. One piece of good news is that China’s number of new cases is plummeting, proving that CONTAINMENT — while extremely difficult — IS POSSIBLE.

Science - Medicine

Covid-19: Ethiopian drug ready for clinical trials.

As scientists around the world race to develop a vaccine for the Covid-19, Ethiopia says it is also developing a cure for the highly contagious virus. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology said "a domestic treatment drug" is being ....

Artificial Intelligence

Samsung Neon Digital Avatar ‘Artificial humans’ are stars of CES 2020

Samsung’s experimental research arm has brought to CES 2020 a demonstration of what it calls the world’s first artificial human. Neon, a project emerging from Samsung Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Labs, presented its hyper-realistic digital humans at CES on Monday.

Space Science

SpaceX has just completed its 19th commercial resupply mission to the ISS

SpaceX has just completed its 19th commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station. The Dragon capsule, laden with about 5,700 pounds of supplies and experiments, splashed down in the Pacific Ocean early Tuesday morning.

Internet of Things - IoT

Arduino introduces a low-code way to design IoT hardware.

This week at CES 2020, open source microcontroller company Arduino unveiled two major developments: 1 - a new low-code solution for product creators that design hardware for the IoT, and 2 - a new family of chips for a variety of hardware applications.

Artificial Intelligence

The Rise of AI, IoT & Sensors Explosion

Within a decade, we will live in a world where just about anything that can be measured will be measured— all the time. It will not be your knowledge that matters, but rather the questions you ask.

Space Science

Ethiopia Launched Satellite - ETRSS

Ethiopian Remote Sensing Satellite-01 (ETRSS - 01), its first ever satellite, launched Today. The satellite will be used for agricultural, mining, environmental protection and earth observatory purposes.

Quantum Computer

Quantum Teleportation of Information Between Silicon Chips

For the first time ever, a research team led by physicists at the University of Bristol has now demonstrated quantum teleportation of information between two micrometer-scale silicon chips.

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